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DataPlus Systems offers leading innovation services for businesses of all sizes. We have experience of over 10 years helping businesses successfully transitioning from traditional in-office workspace to versatile cloud offices.

DataPlus Offers A Variety of Services

Cloud Migration

Our team will build a tailored workspace based on your current needs and work with you every step of the way during the migration process. We’ll assess your current infrastructure and install all the applications that are essential for your business. We are able to train your staff every step of the way to ensure a worry-free transition and a pleasant cloud workspace environment.

Cloud Workspace Management

Years of experience enable DataPlus to manage your cloud workspace efficiently and effectively. We take pride in providing a top-notch service for our clients. Should you require assistance with an existing application or with new software installed on your remote desktop, our agents are always happy to assist. We will build your workspace based on your company’s specific needs.

Data Backup Solutions

DataPlus offers a variety of data backup and storage solutions. Based on the needs of your business, our team will come up with the most secure and efficient way to store and secure your data.

Emergency Services

Our team is available for your convenience 24/7/365. Should you require emergency assistance, our team of professionals are just a call away.

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Why migrate to the cloud?

Benefits of Custom-Built Private Cloud Workspace:

There are many benefits for transitioning an in-office workspace to a cloud server.

  • Mobility and Accessibility

    Remote Desktop can be accessed from all your devices, including personal computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Your files and applications will be easily accessible from any location – whether you’re in the office, on the road, or at home – your personalized workspace and all of your files are readily available at any moment.

  • File Sharing and Collaboration

    A cloud-based file management system gives your company the capability of easily sharing documents between colleagues while maintaining personal workspaces.

  • Data Security and Backup Management

    Rest assured that your files are secure with our innovative backup services. Whether you require only certain files secured or your whole workspace backed up daily, we will come up with the backup and storage solutions that will work best for your company.

  • Scalability

    Whether you work alone or run a large company DataPlus can accommodate your needs. Based on the size of your company you can expand or limit the number of users, storage space, and overall size of your cloud-based workspace.

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